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E009-Mens Glasses-Metal-Sprung Hinged Sides

Mens metal double bridge aviator style glasses.

E010-Mens Glasses-Metal-Sprung Hinged Sides-bigger fitting

Men's metal aviator frame

E030-Mens Glasses-Metal-Sprung Hinged Sides-Comfort Bridge-bigger fitting

Men's metal aviator frame with a comfort bridge and sprung-hinged sides

E034-Mens Glasses-Metal-Sprung Hinged Sides

Men's aviator glasses with a smaller fitting width, double bridge but still longer side length

FleXit 6037-Mens Glasses-Titanium Alloy Memory Metal

Titanium Alloy Memory Metal. New range of full rimmed memory metal frames. The bridge & sides have memory properties to retain original shape

sbp656-Mens Glasses-Metal-Sprung Hinged Sides

A large mens double bridge, full rimmed metal frame with plastic sides for comfort