Prescription Glasses from £12

Prescription Glasses from £12

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RD-sbp-Rimless (sbp019, sbp021, sbp183, sbp185, sbp186)

Choose the frame colour, choose the shape, choose the lens! Our old favourite lens shapes, with the new rimless mount

Carducci 7111-Mens Glasses-Metal Sprung-Hinges sides-Silicone Comfort Bridge-bigger fitting

Men's metal frame with longer sprung-hinged sides and a comfort bridge

Brooklyn Sun2005-Ladies Glasses-bigger fitting

Discount Prescription Sunglasses never looked so good, larger fitting.
Here's a few things our delighted customers have had to say about us
Brian 25 May 2023
My specs arrived yesterday safe and sound. And they're wonderful. Thank you again for your usual splendid service.
Ron Hedges 23 May 2023
Excellent customer service with regular communications. A very satisfied customer and not for the first time.
Julie Williams 17 May 2023
Specs by post are a fantastic company i just received my glasses and they are excellent quality and look so expensive, i only paid £18 including post which i might add only took two days to come! Its not my first pair iv ordered from them either my other ones lasted brilliantly too! Highly recommend!!!
David Langley 15 May 2023
Hi, Love the specs. Many thanks.