New products

Brooklyn D189-Unisex Glasses-Metal & Plastic

They're back! Fashion returns with these glasses, metal rims with plastic temples and sides!

FleXit 6040-Mens Glasses-Titanium Alloy Memory Metal-larger fitting

Titanium Alloy Memory Metal. New range of full rimmed memory metal frames. The bridge & sides have memory properties to retain original shape

Brooklyn D182-Mens Glasses-Plastic-bigger fitting

Men's plastic aviator style glasses.

Brooklyn D159-Mens Glasses-Matt Metal

Men's metal double bridge aviator frame with plastic sides

Carducci 7108-Mens Glasses-Metal Supra-Sprung-Hinges sides

Men's glasses, semi-rimmed metal frame with sprung-hinged sides

E064-Mens Glasses-Metal-Sprung Hinged Sides-bigger fitting

Men's metal aviator frame with sprung-hinged sides