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Brooklyn D74-Ladies Glasses-Acetate

Multicoloured ladies glasses. Acetate, also known as cellulose acetate is made from plants. It is a nylon-based plastic that is hypoallergenic!

Brooklyn Sun2017-Mens Glasses-Matt Metal-Sprung Hinged sides

Men's metal sunglasses with sprung-hinged sides

Carducci 7082-Mens Glasses-Metal Sprung-Hinges sides-Silicone Comfort Bridge

Mens metal frame with a silicone comfort bridge and sprung-hinged sides

Carducci 7104-Ladies Glasses-Metal Supra-Sprung-Hinges sides

Ladies glasses, metal semi-rimmed frame with plastic sprung-hinged sides

Carducci 7108-Mens Glasses-Metal Supra-Sprung-Hinges sides-bigger fitting

Men's glasses, semi-rimmed metal frame with sprung-hinged sides

Carducci 7111-Mens Glasses-Metal-Sprung-Hinges sides-Silicone Comfort Bridge-bigger fitting

Men's metal frame with longer sprung-hinged sides and a comfort bridge