A copy of your prescription is required before you order with Specs-By-Post. Providing your existing prescription is less than two years old, you may use this to order from us.
However, if your prescription is over two years old, you will need to see your optician in order to obtain an up-to-date one. It is worth pointing out that you are under no obligation to purchase your glasses from the shop where you had your eye test. The optician is, however, obligated to provide you with a copy of your prescription.
Now you have your prescription, you can proceed to order your glasses from Specs-By-Post online at www.Specs-By-Post.com by either clicking on one of the frame selections above, on the Homepage or by telephoning us on 01709 769402.

Following your frame selection, key in your prescription details online and choose your lens. Our website safely accepts most types of credit cards.


Varifocal orders can only be made over the phone - the website does not show these lens options

You may place your order for reglazing your glasses via post .
To print off a printer-friendly form, simply [click here to download a reglazing form](It could take a little while for it to download). You should then complete the order with your glazing information and post it back to us at:- Specs-By-Post, PO BOX 689, Rotherham, South Yorkshire. S66 6AR. Either your prescription (or a copy of the document) should be sent with your order. This will be kept on file (unless you specifically request us not to do so). In this way, if you would like to place a further order with us, your details are on file. This method of ordering, i.e. mail order is preferable for people who are not fully conversant with their prescription details. You can either send a cheque or ask us to contact you by phone when we receive the order, you can then pay using Sage secure site using Mastercard, Visa, Visa Electron/Debit, Solo or Meastro card or we can send a request through Paypal for you to authorise.

Once again, select your frame either from our website. Our customer service team can be contacted on 01709 769402 and they are available to accept your order on the telephone. You can discuss various lens options with them, and they will request details of your prescription. Once again, most credit cards are accepted as payment over the telephone.

Most of our customers require single vision lenses. These are made to your prescription strength and are most suitable for people who are short-sighted or long-sighted. These are recommended by us for those people who have not been advised to purchase miltifocals (bifocals or varifocals) or other types of lenses.

However, it is possible to order bifocal lenses at a further cost from £25.00, and are for those people who need two strengths of lenses. We must stress, however, that these should only be purchased on the advice of your optician. Specs-By-Post advise customers requiring bifocal lenses to request that their optician prescribe for their glasses assuming that the glasses are worn 12-13mm from the eye (the back vertex distance).

You need not understand the details on your prescription, but it is vital that you are able to read the numbers written. For example; in certain hand writing styles a "1” may look like a "7”.
If you are able to read all the details on your prescription, then you can peruse our website for the product you prefer, and simply enter your prescription details.
It is imperative that you enter ALL prescription details. Also, there may be a value for your "PD” or papillary distance. All details on your prescription must be entered into our online order form, put on the mailing document or relayed to our telephone operators.
Should you have difficulty reading your prescription (click here for example), then help is at hand! Call 01709 769402 when an advisor will talk you through the details on your prescription. Another option would be for you to send both to us at Specs-By-Post, PO BOX 689, Rotherham, South Yorkshire, S66 6AR.
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* Order form requires Adobe Reader, if you do not have this you can download it for free here Click here to download Adobe Reader for free


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